Commercial Pool Tiles Installation: What to Know

Commercial Pool Tiles

Are you a commercial establishment owner who thinks it’s time to install a new attraction? A swimming pool should do! Such an outdoor element will provide your guests with more incentives to visit you, come back, and tell more people.

As such, it is integral to ensure that you harness the full use of the investment – and a significant aspect that is important to achieving that is proper installation. Keep these pointers in mind.


Installation should meet standards

Commercial pool tiles, safety barriers, and other components have to be installed according to industry regulations, product quality standards, and other factors, for several reasons. Some of the most important of them are:

  • It is integral to securing a permit and keeping it throughout the duration of the operation of the swimming pool.
  • It ensures the safety and functionality of the pool, as well as the people who will use it.
  • It maximises the expected life cycle projection of the swimming pool.

In addition, installation provides the foundation upon which all subsequent repairs, replacements, and maintenance will be based. If something went awry during the initial laying out of the pool tiles, for instance, the problem can exacerbate later on and incur more costs.

It is also important to note that the best industry practices must be followed during the installation. Ceramic pools, as an example, must be installed according to certain specifications so that they will be long-lasting. Concrete pools, on the other hand, have to follow a different method because of their design.

If you want to add pool accessories, their installation should also be managed accordingly.


Installation must be done by a reputable professional.

Additionally, commercial pool tiles and other components should be installed by a certified and reputable professional. In Australia, you can verify the credentials of your swimming pool installer through contacting the right organisations and regulating bodies. Similarly, you can research the quality of their craftsmanship by looking at their portfolio and checking customer reviews.

At Ceramic Solutions, we make sure that our customers get the best of what we can provide in residential and commercial swimming pool services. This is why we deliver outstanding guidance, from selecting your swimming pool tiles to maintaining them.

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