Amazing Things that 3D Printers can Create

3D printers are one of the most amazing technology ever made in history. Come to think about it – you can print just about anything with a 3D printing machine! You hardly believe some objects that this machine is capable of printing. Here are some of the stuff that today’s 3D printers can make:

Body Parts


3D printers are now being utilized in the medical field, printing body parts such as kidneys, ears, bones, blood vessels, etc. Scientists use a gel-like substance that is made from cells to print these organs successfully. They call it bioprinting. This technology simply means a brighter future for many people who would need a kidney, skin graft, a limb or a bone fragment.


Musical Instruments


Musical instruments that are functional can now be printed, either as a whole or its parts, using 3D printers. Examples of these 3D printed musical products include the Odd 3D printed guitar, polymer-based violin of a German firm EOS, and a flute by MIT Media Lab researcher. Although these 3D-printed musical instruments do not have excellent sound yet, maybe they will be perfect in the future.




The food industry has also been experimenting on 3D printers, creating chocolates, candies, and even pizza! NASA has already been using 3D printers to feed astronauts in space.




3D printers has also been explored in the fashion and tailoring industry. Model Dita Von Teese has worn an iconic 3D-printed grown, which was made especially for her. 3D printing can now enable anyone to create a clothing line that is impossible to be created by tailors.


Weapons and Drones


A 3D printer can also print out a firearm. The first gun created using a 3D printer is the Liberator, which was developed by Cody Wilson. Imagine the possibility of anyone printing a gun with ease. Legislators are now working on banning them. Drones have also been printed out from 3D printers.




Car manufacturers has been exploring the possibilities of printing cars from 3D printers, too. One example of this is the Urbee 2, which is the first vehicle manufactured mainly from 3D-printed parts.  Urbee 2 is a three-wheeled car, which is more affordable and much more fuel-efficient than any vehicle on the market today. However, it is not as fast as other vehicles, with its 23-horsepower engine that is combined with batteries.


Adult Products


The adult industry is definitely not behind in this technology, as sex toys, dildos, and other sexual accessories have been printed as well. There is one shop that could even print customized toys for you.




These are just a few of the stuff that a 3D printing machine can do. With the power of the 3D printing technology, you could just imagine how the future would look like. As scientists continue to perfect this machine, anything is possible with a 3D printer.


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