Advantages of Installing Above Ground Pools

Installing a swimming pool in your home? One of the earliest technicalities you have to manage is whether you will opt for an inground or above ground pool. Both offer advantages that are unique to their design, but in this article, we will show you why above ground pools offer far more benefits for more property owners.

above ground pools

Lower Costs

One of the biggest pros that above ground pools offer is their relatively lower costs, compared to inground pools. According to market data, installing an inground pool can cost anywhere from USD 7,000 to USD 45, 000; but an above ground pool only costs around USD 1,500 to USD 5,000.


Easier Installation

By dint of their design, above ground pools are also easier to install than inground pools. In most cases, no tilling, levelling, or digging is required for its installation, which is not the case for inground pools.


More Safety

Where safety is concerned, above ground pools also score higher than inground pools. This is because there are lesser chances for falling into an above ground pool, and such an exterior element presents lesser sources for other types of risks and hazards.


Other Advantages

Some homeowners think that above ground pools do not come with as much potential for fun and relaxation than inground pools, but this is not true at all. Jubilee Pools and Landscapes’ range of above ground pools, for example, can be fitted with the same features as their inground pools. As such, you do not have to worry that you and your family will find pool time less fun with your above ground pool.

If you need customisation of your pool, that is also possible! There are as many options for material tilling, accessories, and other design components for above ground pools as there are for inground pools.


Maximising the Advantages of an Above Ground Pool

To up the advantages that you can get from an above ground pool, first make sure that you adhere to fencing requirements, as set by your state. In Australia, it is necessary to have a safety barrier for any swimming pool that reaches certain depths.

Also, choose a good installer. The right installation practices set the ground for the full functionality of the swimming pool, for you and your family to enjoy. And throughout its lifespan, make sure to stay on top of its condition by checking for any signs of damage, as well as implementing proper maintenance practices.